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The ever more widespread and prolonged usage of gloves, particularly natural rubber gloves which are commonly utilised since they provide excellent value for money, has resulted in an increase in the cases of irritation and allergic pathologies. These may occur among those that are sensitive to latex allergens, to the chemical additives involved in manufacturing the gloves and to any lubricating powders used.
In terms of Legislative Decree 626/94 the choice of glove is to be made presupposing that the glove’s characteristics and the risks related to its use are known. Further adequate procedures have to be adopted to determine any sensitisation among some users and/or patients, so as to identify the most suitable type.

Choosing a glove as a piece of personal protective equipment to be used when handling aggressive chemical / mechanical items, is based on the presumption that the user has some knowledge of the related risks and the glove’s resistance characteristics.
These characteristics can be gleaned from the information schedules and usage to gloves in good condition. These characteristics may also decline with use, resulting in progressive diminishing of the resistance offered.
We therefore recommend checking the glove’s resistance by means of a practical test under actual working conditions and to check the condition of the glove after use each time, when making your initial choice.
When using the gloves never exceed the period of time for which they are intended to be used in terms of the performance (permeation test) of the relevant chemical product.
Do not use the gloves for contact with chemical products for periods exceeding those related to their performance level (0<10 min., 1>10 min., 2>30 min., 3>60 min., 4>120 min., 5>240 min. and 6>480 min.).

For correct use, see the technical specifications

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